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Growing your own business can be challenging, doing it alone can be even more difficult. Our NEXT LEVEL BUSINESS MASTERY PROGRAM was designed to help business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs grow a thriving organization. We’ll help you think strategically about your business and get results. Why do business alone when you can partner with a trusted advisor?



WHAT IF YOUR BUSINESS COULD BEGIN TO INCREASE USING A FEW SIMPLE STRATEGIES. Are you a business owner that is frustrated with the growth of your business? Maybe it is slow sales? Perhaps you started your business out of a desire to work for yourself, but it hasn’t gone the way you expected and need answers? Or maybe you’re experiencing another type of problem in your business, but don’t know who to turn to for help.

We know owning your own business can be challenging and getting the right answers to create the proper results can be hard. There are many reasons a business may not be growing. lack of proper business education, lack of discipline, lack of systems and controls, hidden problems, competition, failure to establish reasonable goals, lack of knowledge of the business-of-the-business or more.

If any of these issues are worth talking about our coaching staff would like to invite you to contact them and speak to a live coach with years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. No matter what stage your business we have real answers to real questions. We provide the help you need from busines experts, coaches and mentors that know what it’s like to run a busienss in the current economy. Our programs are designed with you in mind.

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  • Next-Level Business Coaching Program
  • Company Business Analysis

We focus on the areas of your business that will create real results and meet your business goals. You can learn how to achieve maximum performance, develop strategies for growth and create processes that build a profitable business. Your journey to success begins here.



Today, more than half of the new businesses in the United States are started by women, and have a higher success rate than most. Women own 10.6 million firms and employ more than 19 million people. These businesses are growing at twice the national average and Don’t Do Business Alone understands the current climate and challenges women face in the world of entrepreneurship. We are designed to help you learn how to grow a profitable business while taking advantage of the opportunities women owned businesses have.

Contact us for more information about DDBA Entrepreneur Program for Women Leaders

“Don’t Do Business Alone team has provided invaluable insight and motivation necessary for our business to move forward. As a technology centric company we were light in certain areas. We are in the midst of taking an idea that sparked a service, into a full blown company venture. This team has been instrumental in creating a plan for our company and our partners to grow for the future.
A huge “Thank You” to Don’t Do Business Alone for helping us grow.”

–Eric Cockrell, nKind Partner

“Don’t Do Business Alone is like the business partner you never knew you needed and once you have them, you’ll keep them forever! The whole team has been amazing to work with!”

–Lisa Freeman Goins, Keynote Speaker and Author of Courageously Uncomfortable

“We found Don’t Do Business Alone through a contact in my networking group. We’re absolutely thrilled that we found them!! We just closed our most successful month to date and we’ve been working together for just a short couple of months. We couldn’t have done it without the wonderful guidance and professional expertise that this wonderful team brings to our business. If you’re considering using this team, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. You’ll see your business grow quicker than you thought possible. We sincerely wish we’d known about them for the first 8 months of our new business. They’re life savers!”

–Lindy and Sherry Rowland, Rowland Pharmacy | Rowland Health and Wellness

“I joined Don’t Do Business Alone because I knew I needed to challenge my thinking and approach to business if I was going to see my business succeed. I needed some guidance and a push to do more. And that’s exactly what I’m getting – business coaching that is challenging me to push my boundaries and grow.”

–Mike Ross, HealthMarkets

“Whether you need a step-by-step guide or just need someone to work in the sandbox with you to spur your thought process, Don’t Do Business Alone will provide the guidance you need to grow your business.”

–C. Walters, Padgett Business Services of Owasso

“I joined Don’t Do Business Alone because I needed guidance. I started my own photography business and I want to be successful, so the best way to do that is to learn and follow someone who is. The team of DDBA Coaches have a lot of experience in a variety of businesses. Thank you DDBA for your wisdom, guidance and friendship! If you have your own business I highly recommend speaking to one of the coaches at Don’t Do Business Alone!”

– Sandy Simmons, Sandy Lynn Photography

“I was at the point where most small business owners get when they are all things from the janitor to the CEO. You know your product, you know your customers, everything started out well but now your business is not moving forward like you dreamed. You need some guidance before you become part of the over 50% failure rate in the first five years. I needed to get to the next level and knew I could not do it alone. The coaches at DDBA are skilled, talented people that have provided insight into the world of running a business that you do not learn in school. A more personal, better structured, logical approach to growing and getting my business where I want it to be.”

– Lori Beth, Owner, Okie Bee Farms, LLC.

“My business had hit a brick wall hard!! Ouch! Fortunately I met the coaching staff at Don’t Do Business Alone and things were about to change. And oh boy, did they ever change!! My coaches have been a huge help in the success of my business. They took all of the disconnected pieces and connected them!! I’m very grateful to DDBA for all their help!”

–Bold Designs, Oklahoma

“I joined Don’t Do Business Alone because I knew I needed to challenge my thinking and approach to business if I was going to see my business succeed. I needed some guidance and a push to do more. And that’s exactly what I’m getting – business coaching that is challenging me to push my boundaries and grow. I’d definitely recommend working with the coaches at DDBA. They are excellent at what they do.”

–M. Chiappetta, Chipper Muse Creative Services

“Through DDBA coaching I was able to increase productivity, revenue, and maximize my time. Their ability to analyze my business and provide easily implementable strategies was one of the things I admired most. The coaching was affordable and most importantly, it got results. I would recommend DDBA to anyone needing a helping hand getting their small business running like a well oiled machine.”
–Tore, Unique Romance Travel & Destination Weddings

“I recommend DDBA as a business coach to anyone who is struggling to make sense of their business. As a business owner, I get very scattered with all the work that needs to be done and am pulled in many directions that keeps me off task of building my business. My Coach has been an expert in bringing me back in line with the systems necessary to build my business. I love the time we spend together because she helps me grow as a person and focuses on growing my business.”
– Brenda Bland Edelman, The Proffitt Premier Home Team of Keller Williams



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